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Woodwind instruments: bassoon, oboe, flute and clarinet

Education Work

Education work has always been a top priority

for Cuillin Sound, introducing the wonderful

sound-world of woodwind instruments, including links

with traditional instruments including the whistle and bagpipes.

This can be in the form of introductory sessions at primary schools,

or working with existing young players in ensemble workshops. Cuillin Sound

players are all highly experienced in a wide variety of musical performance settings,

and are very adaptable to specific needs and requirements - with the emphasis on inspiration.

The Witch's cat who lost her spells

An education workshop for KS1 and KS2.

Story and music by Maddy Aldis-Evans


The story:

This is a moral tale of acceptance regardless of appearance.

Nadia, the witch's cat is left alone in the cottage. A clumsy dragon, Hubertus, tumbles out of the sky landing at the door of the little cottage where the witch and the cat live. Out of curiosity he goes into the cottage and finding a delicious smelling soup on the stove, eats his fill and goes to sleep on the witch's chair. The cat, equally as curious about the dragon, accidentally wakes him and in the chaos that follows, the pouch containing the witch's spells, which hangs around the cat's neck, comes loose and the spells escape. Furious and blaming Hubertus, Nadia then tries to recapture the spells before the witch comes home. One still remains free as the witch comes home, and it is Hubertus that saves the day by bravely apologising for causing the mess. Nadia learns to respect him despite his looks and clumsy gait and the witch invites him to live with them.


The Performance:

The story is told by wind-quartet who each play one of the characters in the story. The piece lasts 30 minutes and is preceded with a demonstration of the instruments, giving the children a chance to see them close up, learn a little about them and ask questions. The performance includes some audience participation.

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