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We're back with our first live concerts of 2021
Join us!
Tuesday 27th July 2021 - The Stoller Hall - Manchester 6pm
Wednesday 15th September 2021 - Amey Theatre - Abingdon 6pm

Winds at Sea is a new Cuillin Sound programme, a one-hour performance with a focus on film and television music alongside some great classical pieces – all presented with the wonderful range of woodwind colours.

Cuillin Sound wind quartet produce film and TV music including Boccherini (The Ladykillers) and Delibes (British Airways), plus music by film composers Malcolm Arnold and Matyas Seiber, also English music by Elgar and Peter Warlock, and Spanish music by Manuel de Falla. 

Book your ticket for Manchester here:

Book your ticket for Abingdon here:

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Woodwind instruments: bassoon, oboe, flute and clarinet
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